Meet the team behind Skybrush

Who We Are #

Skybrush is developed by CollMot Robotics Ltd.. The company was founded in 2015 as a spinoff at Eötvös University, Budapest, Hungary to commercialize our world-leading drone swarm research. We have been investigating for more than a decade how large fleets of autonomous drones can coordinate and cooperate to perform various tasks together without human intervention.

Cover articles

Besides our high-profile scientific publications our work was also covered by various news outlets including VICE, Wired and National Geographic.

In relation to our professional expertise, CollMot Robotics offers products and services related to drone swarms, including drone shows and tailored industrial drone fleet solutions.

Why Skybrush? #

Skybrush was built from the ground up on a rock-solid platform-independent architecture and a clean and intuitive user interface, incorporating our experiences gathered during 10+ years of research in drone swarms as well as all the lessons we have learned while operating drone shows since 2015.

It is a transparently structured, well tested and efficient platform that provides a rock solid base for any application involving more than a single drone, let it be a drone show or any other large-scale autonomous drone operation.

Why Open-source? #

We are researchers in the field of collective intelligence, who are dedicated to the open mindset of research and naturally believe in the strength of the community.

We share Skybrush because we would like to support it to grow, blossom and evolve in the most motivating environment for all users.

Tamás Nepusz

Founder/Head of IT

Our senior code guru and benevolent IT dictator.

Gergő Somorjai


Senior hardware engineer who also runs day to day operations of CollMot.

Gábor Vásárhelyi


Senior physicist, engineer, programmer and thinker.

Csilla Vitályos

Head of Sales

Sales, marketing and business development expert.

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