Skybrush Viewer

Drone show visualisation and validation

Skybrush Viewer

Skybrush Viewer is a drone show visualiser for testing, validation and presentation purposes. Skybrush-compatible show files can be opened in Skybrush Viewer to get an interactive 3D visualisation with rigorous safety checking, while it is also possible to open your show in any modern web browser using the Skybrush Viewer cloud service.

Features #

  • Interactive, real-time rendered 3D view with day, night and indoor background presets

  • Unconstrained FPS-like navigation with keyboard or mouse

  • Variable playback speed from real-time (1x) to 5x

  • Optional cue markers on playback slider (cue markers are encoded in the .skyc file) to jump straight to individual scenes

  • Preset camera positions and orientations (when provided by the .skyc file)

  • Synchronised playback of background music (embedded in the .skyc file)

  • Trajectory validation screen with altitude, velocity and proximity charts

  • Browser-friendly architecture; click here for an example show running straight in your web browser.

System Requirements #

  • Skybrush Viewer is built on top of Electron, which is in turn built on the Chromium browser engine. Computers that are able to run a recent version of the Chrome web browser should also be able to run Skybrush Viewer.

  • Skybrush Viewer supports Windows 10 and later, macOS 11 and later (both on Intel and ARM CPUs) and Ubuntu Linux. Other Linux distributions may also work but they are not tested.

Download Skybrush Viewer #

Skybrush Viewer is platform independent. Please choose your OS from the list below to download:

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