Follow the development of Skybrush

Help us translate Skybrush Live!

We have created a community translation page to make Skybrush Live available in all languages of the world. Join and help!

Setting up Skybrush for more than 250 drones

Yes, Skybrush can handle more than one MAVLink network. Read on for more information.

Over 1000 users in the Skybrush community

The Skybrush community server on Discord has reached 1000 registered users! Thank you all for your great support!

Field notes and log download

Skybrush Live gained a new field notes panel and support for OTA log downloads from drones.

Skybrush Studio 2.9.0 released

Version 2.9.0 of Skybrush Studio for Blender is out with SVG import, formations from QR codes, CSV import, color image based light effects, multiple drones per slot in a takeoff grid, smart RTH transitions and more.