Skybrush Server

Backend for drone fleet communication and control

Skybrush Server

Skybrush Server is the Babel fish for the drone community, the ultimate middleware between drones, hardware accessories and GCS clients such as Skybrush Live, Skybrush Sidekick or any other external application. The purpose of Skybrush Server is to facilitate communication with any number and any type of drones simultaneously and flawlessly. Clients in the Skybrush ecosystem do not need to know what types of drones you are working with as they communicate with the server only, which translates all messages to the well documented, clear and intuitive Skybrush protocol.

Features #

  • Compatibility with MAVLink and Crazyflie based drones, limited support for some DJI drones.

  • Modular ecosystem designed for fleet level drone operations, easily extensible for custom drones, hardware accessories and tailored swarm missions.

  • Local or remote (VPN) operation, runs on servers, desktops, laptops or even a Raspberry Pi.

  • Fully integrated with Skybrush Live and Skybrush Sidekick for drone shows and other drone swarm missions.

  • Relies on the well documented, clear and intuitive Skybrush messaging protocol for further integration purposes.

System Requirements #

  • Skybrush Server is written in Python, an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language. Computers that are able to run a recent version of Python should also be able to run Skybrush Server.

  • Skybrush Server supports Windows 10 and later, macOS 11 and later (both on Intel and ARM CPUs) and Ubuntu Linux. Other Linux distributions may also work but they are not tested.

  • The hardware running Skybrush Server should have enough USB ports or other connectors and proper drivers for connecting the required peripherals and communication modules (Wi-Fi, radio telemetry, RTK base station etc.)

Compatible Drone Types #

Skybrush Server fully supports the ArduCopter and Crazyflie ecosystems and is also fully compatible with our own drone swarm control framework, FlockCtrl. Compatibility with DJI autopilots is in progress.

Limitations #

The pre-compiled executables that you can download freely from this page are limited to 10 drones and may not contain some extensions. If you would like to have unlimited access, buy a Professional license for Skybrush Live.

Alternatively, you are free to download the source code of the server and build it yourself as the published part of the source code has no built-in limitations. Even if you build the code for yourself, please consider supporting us and the continuous development of Skybrush by your donation.

Download Skybrush Server #

Skybrush Server is platform independent. Please choose your OS from the list below to download:

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