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We have built the next-generation drone show software suite.

Skybrush is an integrated software solution for the design, visualisation, testing and delivery of both indoor and outdoor drone light shows. Skybrush was built from the ground up on a rock-solid platform-independent architecture and a clean and intuitive user interface, incorporating our experiences gathered during ten years of research in drone swarms as well as all the lessons we have learned while operating drone shows in the last five years.

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A modular drone show software suite

Skybrush consists of multiple modules:

  • Skybrush Live for performing and monitoring shows
  • Skybrush Studio for designing and validating shows
  • Skybrush Viewer for visualizing and sharing shows
  • Skybrush Backstage for drone management and maintainance at scale

The architecture of the software also allows us to support multiple custom drone types and various positioning systems, outdoor and indoor alike.

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Skybrush Live

Drone show management and fleet control. Skybrush Live provides tools for the preparation and configuration of drones before a drone show as well as 2D and 3D viewports for monitoring and executing the show.

Request a demo Shows performed with Skybrush Live

Skybrush Studio

Drone show designer that operates either in standalone mode or integrated with popular 3D modelling tools. In both cases, Skybrush Studio validates the designed trajectories to enforce safety constrains on the flight paths.

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Skybrush Viewer

Standalone 3D drone show visualiser for testing and presentation purposes. You can take a drone show designed in Skybrush Studio and open it in Skybrush Viewer to get an interactive 3D visualisation that works in any modern web browser.

Request a demo View the ITU 2019 show

Skybrush Backstage

Drone inventory and log management tool. Skybrush Backstage allows you to manage and store the configuration and the recorded flight logs of all your drones in one single place. It also provides scheduled maintenance reminders and a powerful flight log analysis platform.

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