Do It Yourself

What is available from Skybrush for free to try?

Skybrush is an open-core project with many opportunities for you to taste and digest for free.

Get the source code of almost everything #

The source code of several Skybrush modules (Live, Server, Studio for Blender, Viewer), forked autopilot firmware (Crazyflie, ArduCopter), and many other handy packages are available for developers on our GitHub account.

You are free to modify Skybrush, subject to the terms of the GNU GPL v3.

Get an online demo of Skybrush #

We provide online demos for some modules without the need to download anything to your machine.

Download and use Skybrush #

We provide precompiled community versions of almost all Skybrush modules.

  • You can download and use the Skybrush Studio for Blender plugin for free. Community version is limited only in the usage of our public Skybrush Studio Server that is accessed by the plugin online. If you work with large drone numbers, license Skybrush Studio Server for yourself.

  • You can download and use the full-featured version of Skybrush Viewer. It is free and open-source software.

  • You can download and use the precompiled community version of Skybrush Live for free, together with the precompiled community version of Skybrush Server. If a full-featured version is required, check out Skybrush Live Professional.

Get documentation #

  • A brief description of all Skybrush modules is available under the modules page on this website.

  • Exhaustive online documentation of Skybrush modules is available at

Get support #

  • Our community support is available on our Discord channel. Besides a quickly growing community, our core developers also hang out there regularly, but please note that we have limited resources for free support and take true community inquiries as priority.

  • Browse alternative support options at our Support page.

Do you wish to upgrade to Pro?

Check out our webshop for professional services and products.