Skybrush Live

Drone show management and fleet control

Skybrush Live

Skybrush Live is the ultimate tool for professional drone show and drone fleet management. Skybrush Live provides smart tools for the preparation and configuration of drone fleets before a drone show, as well as several viewports (2D, 3D, list, compressed) and individual/group control options for monitoring and executing the show with maximal safety, including the secure handling of critical situations.

Features #

  • Full-cycle drone show and swarm mission execution and monitoring

  • Real-time telemetry of large drone swarms in list-like, 2D map and 3D views

  • Smart widgets with drone status summary, weather data (Kp-index, sunrise, sunset, magnetic field declination), RTK corrections, GPS signal strength and more

  • Automated show positioning and individual drone assignment based on initial drone placement

  • Automated pre-flight checks and alerts

  • Configurable manual pre-flight checklist to go through before flight for things that cannot be automated

  • Automatic geofence calculation based on show trajectories, with additional hard-fence support

  • Plug-and-play setup of common RTK base stations

  • Automated pre-flight calibration, unit tests and post-flight log download to simplify fleet logistics

  • community-based multi-language support

System Requirements #

  • Skybrush Live is built on top of Electron, which is in turn built on the Chromium browser engine. Computers that are able to run a recent version of the Chrome web browser should also be able to run Skybrush Live.

  • Skybrush Live supports Windows 10 and later, macOS 11 and later (both on Intel and ARM CPUs) and Ubuntu Linux. Other Linux distributions may also work but they are not tested.

  • Wi-Fi connection is needed to communicate with the drones as most show drones use Wi-Fi.

  • RTK base stations and radio antennae typically connect via USB so make sure you have a few spare USB ports on your computer.

  • Communication with the drones is handled with Skybrush Server so the server component needs to run in the background.

Compatible Drone Types #

Skybrush Live controls drones both indoors and outdoors. For outdoor fleets, we support basically any kind of drone that is capable of running the ArduCopter firmware. We have successfully tested several custom and commercial show drone types from numerous manufacturers, including LuminousBees, Sparkl, Entron, LightDynamix and more. For indoor fleets, we support the Crazyflie ecosystem. See our FAQ for more details.

Limitations #

There are no built-in limitations in Skybrush Live, but note that the server component may contain limits on its own, depending on the licence it uses. Please refer to the Skybrush Server page for more details and purchase Skybrush Live Professional to get access to unlimited features, well-tested reliability, training and priority customer support.

Download Skybrush Live #

Skybrush Live is platform independent. Please choose your OS from the list below to download:

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