Skybrush firmware

Customized firmware for outdoor and indoor drones

Skybrush firmware

Skybrush Live needs a custom firmware in order to allow a drone to track trajectories in a precise manner with time constraints. This page provides pre-compiled binaries of our custom firmware for the most popular flight controllers so you can install it on your drones without having to compile it from source code.

Our firmware for outdoor drones is based on ArduCopter, while the indoor firmware is based on the Crazyflie firmware. We are extremely grateful for the developers of both projects for providing a rock-solid base on which we could build our own solution, and we are committed to tracking upstream releases closely. We aim to publish our own variant of the upstream firmware within a few weeks of the official release.

Download Skybrush firmware #

For ArduCopter-based drones #

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For Crazyflie drones #

Downloads are coming soon; stay tuned or contact us if you cannot wait to try it on your own Crazyflie drones.

Can’t find your flight controller here? #

Let us know which flight controller you are using – if you are lucky, we can provide a pre-compiled firmware for you, and even if we cannot, we are happy to help to make Skybrush support your drone.

Do you need help with getting started?

Browse our community support pages or get premium support with Skybrush Live Professional.