Video Tutorials

Skybrush Studio Video Tutorials #

We have created a series of video tutorials for introducing Skybrush Studio for Blender. Watch them from our Youtube Playlist or check them out individually from the list below:

Tutorial 1 - General overview #

This tutorial provides a general overview of the main features of Skybrush Studio for Blender.

Tutorial 2 - First drone show: takeoff and land #

In this tutorial you can learn how to create a very minimal drone show with takeoff and land. You will also familiarize yourself with the concepts of formations, collections and the storyboard.

Tutorial 3 - Animated formations in the storyboard #

In this tutorial we start to animate a formation within the storyboard using standard Blender tools.

Tutorial 4 - Import and animate external meshes (STL, OBJ etc.) #

This tutorial shows you a way to import external meshes to your show as individual formations that can be animated later on with standard Blender tools.

Tutorial 5 - Light show with color keyframes #

This tutorial shows you the basics of light show design using simple color keyframes.

Tutorial 6 - Parametric light effects #

This tutorial shows you techniques of more advanced light show design using parametric light effects available in Skybrush Studio for Blender.

Tutorial 7 - Real time safety checks #

Safety is a very important issue for all drone shows. This tutorial demonstrates the handful real-time safety checking features of Skybrush Studio for Blender.

Tutorial 8 - Export drone shows #

This tutorial shows you how to export your drone show to our compiled .skyc format that can be previewed and validated once again with Skybrush Viewer, or executed with your real drone fleet with Skybrush Live.

Besides actual drone shows, our company, CollMot Robotics also offers show content creation and design support services. Contact us to get a quote if you need professional help with your shows or drone show business.

Skybrush Live Video Tutorials #

Skybrush Live Tutorials are only avaliable for Pro users. Contact us to get a licence.