Report a Bug

Our developers are here to help you

Customers with a support contract #

Customers with a support contract should simply get in touch with their designated contact person in our team via email or phone, depending on the terms of the support contract. Our developers will get back to you as soon as possible.

Skybrush users without a support contract #

If you are a Skybrush user without a support contract, the easiest option is to ask for support in our Discord server – maybe someone else has already run into the same problem as you and can readily help you. Our developers also hang out regularly on Discord and they keep an eye on incoming bug reports.

If you are a developer or you are already familiar with Github, you can also go to the list of repositories and file an issue there. If you are unsure which repository to file the issue in, ask in our Discord server; most likely someone will be around to help you find the right repository.