Various theme shows with 75 drones

Drone show portfolio of Skylites from 2023 designed in Skybrush Studio (75 drones)

Martin Merkl used Skybrush Studio to design various thematic shows for Skylites, to be performed in the US. The selection displayed here gives a general idea about what can be achieved using 75 drones.

Comments from the designer:

With a tremendous help of the path planning algorithm of Skybrush Studio Server I was able to focus solely on the creative side of the design. The Olympia Harbor Days Show was specific in a way that the drones had to travel about 200 m from the inital takeoff position to the actual show location in the Tugboat formation (and then back in the Salmon formation). The wedding proposal show was used at a private event and she said YES! :-)

4th of July show:

Wedding proposal show:

Olympia Harbor Days show: