Paloznak Jazz Festival

Drone show with 100 drones on two consecutive nights at the Paloznak Jazz Festival.

For the 10th year now, Paloznak Jazz Festival brings a real party atmosphere to the vineyards of the picturesque Balaton highlands. At the anniversary three-day event, the pursuit of sustainability is a particularly important aspect. In line with this creed, a magnificent light show of 100 drones lit up the night sky, accompanied by the enthusiastic ovation of festival-goers representing several generations.

Skybrush Live was responsible for configuring the drones and for monitoring the performance during the whole flight, while Skybrush Script Language was used to design the show. A full interactive 3D visualization of the show can be viewed straight within the browser by clicking on the button below, which takes you to the web-based version of Skybrush Viewer, pre-configured with the same show file that we used at the venue.

Photo: Balázs Mohai