Neversea Festival 2019

Romania’s first ever drone light show

CollMot Robotics has presented Romania’s first ever drone light show at Neversea Festival in 2019. The visual attraction was brought to the 50.000-strong audience of the biggest summer festival on the Romanian seashore. Skybrush Live and Studio worked in tandem to make the performance possible. Pre-visualisations were created in Skybrush Viewer and shared with the client over the Internet to facilitate quick iterations on the show content.

As it is typically the case with festivals and other live events, the show had to be started by synchronizing it to external events (the end of a concert on the main stage) instead of relying on the predictable flow of GPS time. Skybrush Live therefore allows the operator to start a show not only on GPS time but also based on MIDI Time Code or simply by flicking a switch on a remote controller any time.