ITU World Telecom 2019 Conference

Drone show with 60 drones at the Gala Dinner in the heart of Budapest

As the highlight of the Gala Dinner at the prestigious ITU Telecom World 2019 Conference, a swarm of 60 quadcopters took to the sky over the river Danube to present an 8-minute light show at one of the most picturesque locations of Budapest. The bespoke performance by CollMot Robotics captured how communication has continuously been developing in the arts from ancient times to the present.

Skybrush Live was responsible for configuring the drones and for monitoring the performance during the whole flight, while Skybrush Script Language was used to design the show. A particularly challenging aspect of the show was the lack of open space at the takeoff area, preventing the usage of a regular grid-like takeoff pattern. However, since trajectories in Skybrush Studio are planned from the very first moment of the takeoff to the time the last drone touches the ground, we were able to use trajectories that avoid chandeliers, benches and high-power electricity lines during takeoff and landing.