19th of January, 2024

Help us translate Skybrush Live!

Help us translate Skybrush Live!
Skybrush Team
Skybrush Team

We have introduced an internationalization framework in Skybrush Live to allow for multi-language support. In this simple but time consuming process first we need to replace all English strings in the codebase one by one with dynamic variables that get their value based on your language selection, and then we need to add a translation to all these variables in all languages defined.

To speed up the process and allow for languages that we do not speak ourselves, we have set up a community-based translation page based on Weblate in the hope that our greatest community members, including You, will contribute to the translation.

How can I contribute if I have 5 minutes? #

If you wish to enhance Skybrush Live in your own language even a little bit, visit our translation site at translate.skybrush.io, choose your language you wish to translate to, click on the corresponding Edit button on the left and give suggestions to any of the translation strings with a few clicks, without registration. This is how far we got so far:

Skybrush Live overall translation status

Additionally, you can always make a donation within your 5-minute schedule to help us maintain Skybrush

How can I contribute if I am devoted to help? #

We have set up a #translation channel on our Discord server where you can contact the community directly about translation-related issues.

I want to translate #

If you are devoted and have more energy than only translating a few words for fun, please contact us and ask for an account for our translation page to gain more priviliges with the translation. Also let us know if your language is missing from the translation list, so that we can add it for you.

I want to add i18n to the source code #

If you are a developer and have free resources to help with i18n, please contact us to discuss what parts of the code are free to enhance that are not being processed currently by others on external forks.

How can I ensure to have my language supported as soon as possible? #

We offer Commercial support for people with a Pro license for prioritizing translations. Contact us!

Cover photo in memoriam Douglas Adams from Traductanet