24th of March, 2022

Skybrush Live R8

Skybrush Live R8
Skybrush Team
Skybrush Team

We are proud to release Skybrush Live R8, the next major revision of Skybrush Live and associated components.

Skybrush Live R8 brings many new features and bug fixes to all components of the system, including (but not limited to) multi-drone parameter uploads, hover tooltips for the drone icons on the map and the 3D view, and a new layer type that overlays a latitude-longitude grid on the map. The new layer type can be added manually in the Layers panel of Skybrush Live.

Also, the server now warns you if the clock of the server seems to be out-of-sync with the UTC date and time received from a connected RTK base station. This is useful to prevent you from setting an incorrect start time for the show as the drones will start based on the GPS time, even if the server clock is off by a few seconds.

The distribution now consists of the following versions of the components:

  • Skybrush Live 1.27.2
  • Skybrush Server 1.28.2
  • Skybrush Sidekick 1.1.5
  • Skybrush Viewer 2.0.0

Visit the Applications area in your Skybrush account to download the installers.