We have built the leading open-source drone show software

Skybrush Suite is available for both community and professional users




Skybrush meets all your needs

Skybrush has a clear modular architecture for full-cycle drone show and fleet management:

Skybrush meets all your needs
Skybrush Live

Drone show management and fleet control

Skybrush Studio

Drone show design solutions

Skybrush Viewer

Drone show visualisation and validation

Free for the community. Effortless for professionals.

  • You can download the community edition of Skybrush free of charge.
  • You can get access to the source code of Skybrush components, any time.
  • You are free to modify Skybrush, subject to the terms of the GNU GPL v3.
  • We are very grateful for contributions, improvements and constructive feedback.
  • Full-featured pro versions with extras are available for professional businesses.


View a portfolio of our work and external projects using Skybrush

Paloznak Jazz Festival
CollMot Robotics
CollMot Robotics Showreel
CollMot Robotics

Latest Blog Posts

Firmware update: Matek H743 and Qiotek Zealot H743

Version 20230221 of our ArduPilot firmware fork adds support for the Matek H743 and Qiotek Zealot H743 flight controllers.

Drone show competition winners use Skybrush Studio

We are proud of the winners of 2022 drone show competition who designed their shows using Skybrush Studio

Automatic show coordinate system alignment

Skybrush Live gained support for aligning the show coordinate system automatically to the current placement of the drones.