We have built the leading open-source drone show software

Skybrush Suite is available for both professional and community users




Skybrush meets all your needs

Skybrush has a clear modular architecture for full-cycle drone show management:

Skybrush meets all your needs
Skybrush Live

Drone show management and fleet control

Skybrush Studio

Drone show design solutions

Skybrush Viewer

Drone show visualisation and validation

Free for the community. Effortless for professionals.

  • You can download the community edition of Skybrush free of charge.
  • You can get access to the source code of Skybrush components, any time.
  • You are free to modify Skybrush, subject to the terms of the GNU GPL v3.
  • We are very grateful for contributions, improvements and constructive feedback.
  • Full-featured pro versions with extras are available for professional businesses.


View a portfolio of our work and external projects using Skybrush

CollMot Robotics Showreel
CollMot Robotics
Flying Data 2021
Nina Kov

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Crazyflie firmware now available for download

Customized versions of the Crazyflie firmware with Skybrush support is now available for download, for UWB and Lighthouse based positioning systems as well.

Remote power management and offline maps in Skybrush Live

Skybrush Live gained support for turning drones on and off remotely, and the server can now store map tiles for offline use.

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