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ITU World Telecom 2019 Gala Dinner

As the highlight of the Gala Dinner at the prestigious ITU Telecom World 2019 Conference, a swarm of 60 quadcopters took to the sky over the river Danube to present an 8-minute light show at one of the most picturesque locations of Budapest. The bespoke performance captured how communication has continuously been developing in the arts from ancient times to the present.

Skybrush Live was responsible for configuring the drones and for monitoring the performance during the whole flight. A particularly challenging aspect of the show was the lack of open space at the takeoff area, preventing the usage of a regular grid-like takeoff pattern. However, since trajectories in Skybrush Studio are planned from the very first moment of the takeoff to the time the last drone touches the ground, we were able to use trajectories that avoid chandeliers, benches and high-power electricity lines during takeoff and landing.

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Flying Data, 2021

An interactive drone performance, created for the Re-Think Festival 2021 in Norrlandsoperan, Umeå, Sweden by choreographer Nina Kov, featured lasers, smoke, projection and nine small indoor drones to tell a story about the world's inequality and injustices.

Drones were controlled and monitored using Skybrush Live with several successful performances throughout a course of three days. Show trajectories were planned in Skybrush Studio. This project also illustrates the capabilities of Skybrush Live for supporting multiple drone types and positioning systems so it becomes able to perform not only standard GPS-based outdoor shows but also indoor shows with smaller drones, in areas where GPS reception is not available.

Neversea Festival 2019

We have presented Romania’s first ever drone light show at Neversea Festival in 2019. The visual attraction was brought to the 50.000-strong audience of the biggest summer festival on the Romanian seashore. Skybrush Live and Studio worked in tandem to make the performance possible. Pre-visualizations were created in Skybrush Viewer and shared with the client over the Internet to facilitate quick iterations on the show content.

As it is typically the case with festivals and other live events, the show had to be started by synchronizing it to external events (the end of a concert on the main stage) instead of relying on the predictable flow of GPS time. Skybrush Live therefore allows the operator to start a show not only on GPS time but also based on MIDI Time Code or simply by flicking a switch on a remote controller any time.

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Happy New Year video, 2017

On New Year’s Eve, 2017 we rewarded our audience with a special drone light-show that we made even more spectacular with fireworks to thank everyone for the support that we have received so far. Drones, lights and fireworks were all controlled from Skybrush Live.

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Autonomous drone flocking record, 2020

A scientific project by the Department of Biological Physics of the Eötvös University, Budapest, Hungary and the MTA-ELTE Statistical and Biological Physics Research Group, this was the first demonstration of a group of 52 autonomous drones performing self-organized flocking in a confined arena without any central control from a ground station.

Skybrush Live took the back seat in this project as it was used only for starting and monitoring the flight and providing a means for the operators to intervene in safety-critical situations. None of the trajectories were pre-planned; the drones built by CollMot Robotics were responsible for planning their own trajectories, literally on-the-fly, to achieve their goal of staying together while still avoiding each other and the walls of the virtual flying arena.

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