Skybrush Studio Server

Smart solution for automated drone show design

Skybrush Studio Server is the backend for Skybrush Studio for Blender. By purchasing a licence, you obtain a precompiled version of the server that you can run on your machine, speeding up transition planning and getting rid of limitations of the community version that relies on the shared and limited resources of our public server.

Skybrush Studio Server provides the following services:

Smart transition planning between formations

Designers do not need to bother about transitions between their consecutive scenes, Skybrush Studio Server plans this automatically with speed-optimized efficient algorithms.

Export to Skybrush Compiled Format (.skyc)

The outcome of your drone show design is compiled by Skybrush Studio Server in an optimized single-file format that can be read by both Skybrush Viewer and Skybrush Live.

Export validation report (.pdf)

Safety validation is an essential step in the drone show design and execution process. Skybrush Studio Server provides the option for Skybrush Studio to export a validation report with flight statistics summary and detailed safety checking in a comprehensive report document. The document can be handy for flight authorities, for the drone show executive team or simply for designers as yet another means of validation.