Skybrush Live Professional

Ultimate solution for seamless drone show execution

The Skybrush Live Professional package is a ready-made, bundled version of open-core Skybrush components (Live and Server) and Skybrush Sidekick, optimized for professional drone show businesses. Skybrush Live Professional comes with several extras that guarantee the safety and reliability of your drone show operations.

Why should I pay for Skybrush Live if it is open-source?

  • the professional bundle contains only well-tested releases with guaranteed quality and reliability
  • online or onsite training is available for professional users to shorten the learning curve
  • Priority customer support is included to assist you during the learning process and the operational phase
  • professional components have no built-in limitations and may contain extra features not available for community users
  • we help with the integration and setup of your custom show drone type
  • pro user feature requests have priority over community requests

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